Parents And Children Together (PACT) of Honolulu, HI

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Parents And Children Together (PACT)

Provides individual and group services for offenders, victims, and child witnesses of domestic violence.


Address:  1505 Dillingham Blvd, Suite 208, Honolulu, HI 96817

Hotline 24/7: 808-526-2200

*There is a flat fee for Offender Services.


The goal of the Family Peace Center-Oahu is to bring peace to Hawaii’s families by offering an environment that promotes safety, support, and accountability t to offenders, survivors, and their children.

The Family Peace Center-Oahu has been conducting domestic violence counseling for over 25 years. Family Peace Center-Oahu provides a comprehensive community-based program that includes prevention and intervention services.


The Family Peace Center-Oahu serves all of Oahu, utilizing off site facilities to provide services around the island. Program serves families and individuals through three program units:

1. The Kuleana (“Responsibility”) Offenders Unit
Works with offenders of intimate partner violence and non-intimate partner abuse. These services are available for men and women and include:

• Domestic violence intervention group
• Individual support and counseling
• Anger control groups
• Parenting classes that address positive parenting
• Case management
• Community referrals
• Safety reviews
• Individual counseling
• Group counseling

2. The Puuhonua (“Safe Haven”) Survivor Unit
provides a variety of services for survivors of domestic violence. These services are available for women and men and include:

• Domestic violence crisis counseling and support by phone and in person
• Case management
• Legal system advocacy
• Community referrals
• Advocacy
• Safety planning and assistance
• Individual counseling
• Group counseling

Phone support is available to survivors 24/7 by calling the PACT Domestic Violence Support & Shelter Access Line: 808-526-2200

3. The Haupoa (“To make the ground soft for planting”) Family and Child Unit
Works with survivors and their children. Services for children and parents include:

• Support and intervention groups for children ages birth to 17 who have been exposed to domestic violence in the home.

• Violence control and intervention groups for children who have acted violently or who are at risk for acting violently.

• Support and intervention for teenagers who have experienced dating violence.

• School based individual and group counseling.

• Parenting classes that address positive parenting and provide education for children of survivors.

Community Education and Training

• The Family Peace Center-Oahu also provides educational presentations and trainings for schools, community groups, and agencies. Call or email for more information.


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