Laptop FAQs

When will I receive my student laptop?

At the end of the add/drop period, your student laptop will be shipped directly to your address on file.  Shipping will take 2-3 days, so your device will arrive at your home approximately 14-16 days after you begin your first course.  Please ensure we have your current mailing address on file.  If you need to update your mailing address and phone number, please contact your Campus Administrative Personnel.

What if I do not receive my student laptop after the add/drop period?

If you do not receive your student laptop within 16 days after your first course begins, please contact the Purchasing Department at (407)562-5544 to request tracking information.

What if I have outstanding financial aid documentation and my funding requirements are not complete?

If your financial aid funding requirements are not complete at the end of the add/drop period, you will not be eligible to receive your student laptop device through the student issued laptop program.  You will need to purchase the device on your own from the outside vendor.  Please inquire with your Campus Administration for instructions on how to purchase.

What if I need assistance setting up my student laptop device?

You will receive an instruction resource guide with your student laptop when you receive it in the mail.  Instructions on how to access all of your dedicated student resource website will be included.  When you navigate to the student resource website, you will have access to the all necessary student resource links, along with links to help manuals should you need assistance in accessing your Remington accounts.

  • If you have system issues with the laptop and are unable to power it on, please call the Manufacturer’s helpdesk at (800) 816-2237.

What if I lose or damage my student laptop?

You will be required to replace the laptop at your own cost.  Students are responsible for maintaining the laptop once it has been issued.

Stipend FAQs

What is a Stipend Check?

A stipend check is a check that is issued to a student once all tuition, supplies, and related charges have been covered through various fund sources.

When are Stipend Checks issued?

Student accounts are continuously monitored and evaluated.  Therefore, stipends are frequently being issued to students who have received the necessary funds to cover their tuition charges and supplies and who have an overage.

I am a degree student – when will my stipend be issued?

For degree students, your account will be evaluated each term for a possible stipend.  The term charges are based on the total credits taken in the term, and once funds have been received from all sources the account will be assessed.

I am a diploma student – when will my stipend be issued?

For diploma students, there are payment periods for which charges and supplies are evaluated.  For most diploma students, the accounts are evaluated after a student successfully completes five months of class, and again after successfully completing nine months of class.  Any breaks in attendance or failed classes will extend the timeframes for evaluation out further, depending on the situation.

I am a student using Veteran Education Benefits– when will my stipend be issued?

If you are a veteran – thank you for your service!  If you are using Veteran Education benefits, as well as funds from other sources, then your account will be evaluated for a possible stipend each time the Veteran Education funds arrive to cover tuition charges and supplies.  Once the Veteran Education funds have covered your eligibility percentage of tuition and supplies your account will be assessed for any possible overage from the other fund sources.

How do I know if I will be eligible for a Stipend Check?

Upon completion of your enrollment, the financial aid office will present an Award Letter to you.  The Award Letter breaks down the cost of your tuition and supplies and shows how those expenses will be covered from all fund sources that you qualified for.  The bottom of the award letter will have the information regarding any out of pocket expenses or overage, if applicable.  When you receive the Award Letter, please be sure to ask questions so that you know exactly how your tuition and supplies will be covered, and what types of funds are covering those expenses.

What types of funds are available to cover my tuition and supplies?

Tuition charges and supplies can be covered by many different sources.  Cash payments may be made directly to the school.  Also, private loans and scholarships can be applied for, and federal student aid can possibly be used to cover tuition charges and supplies.

How can I apply for federal student aid?

Federal student aid is available to those who qualify for aid by completing a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).  Once an application is submitted, the Department of Education determines if the applicant is eligible for federal student aid, and how much federal aid that applicant is eligible for.  If you wish to complete a FAFSA, it can be found at

What is the difference between a federal grant and a federal loan?

Federal grants are free money that is provided through the government which can assist with tuition charges and supplies.  Federal loans are low interest loans provided through the government which can also assist with covering tuition charges and supplies, but the loans must be paid back to the government.  More information regarding the types of federal student aid that are available can be found at

I filled out a FAFSA, but I have been told to complete another FAFSA – Why?

The FAFSA application is active for only one year.  The FAFSA year begins each year on July 1st, and ends the following year on June 30th.  Therefore, a FAFSA must be completed for each time period that you will be actively attending your program.  For example, if you start class in January, then you must complete a FAFSA for the current time period, and also complete a FAFSA for the time period that will begin July 1st.  Each subsequent year that you are actively attending, you must complete additional FAFSAs.

My financial aid was completed, but I have received a revised award letter – Why?

There are instances that may arise which will adjust the original financial aid information from when you first began your program.  Some of these instances occur if you have to take time off from class, you possibly fail class(es), or your financial aid eligibility changes based on new or revised FAFSA information.  When these instances occur, the financial aid office will revise your funding and a new award letter will be produced for you to review and sign.

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