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Rooftop partners with local churches to provide emergency rental assistance to Davidson County residents to prevent homelessness and provide hope.

How To Get Help

  1. Visit or call one of Rooftop’s partner congregations . The Rooftop contact at that congregation will ask you a few basic questions and complete a short application which is submitted directly to Rooftop.
  2. A Rooftop social worker will then call you within 3 business days to ask you additional questions to determine if you might qualify for our assistance. If you do not qualify, our social worker will suggest alternative area resources; if you might qualify, an interview will be scheduled to collect documentation and additional information.
  3. Following that interview, Rooftop’s case review team meets once a week to review applications and your application will be considered at that time.
  4. Following that meeting, you will be notified of our decision. If you are approved for assistance, a check will be sent directly to your rental agency, mortgage company, or for those in Section 8 housing – to the utility company.

Guidelines For Service

  • A referral from one of Rooftop’s partner congregations is needed.
  • In order to apply, the individual or family must:
    • live in Davidson County, TN.
    • have a lease or mortgage in his or her name.
    • have experienced an unexpected financial hardship that created the inability to pay the rent/mortgage/utility and must be able to document the hardship.
    • be able to document that some form of regular income is coming into the home. This could be any of the following: wages, social security income, disability income, child support, Families First, unemployment income, pension or retirement income.
    • be able to to pay a portion of their rent/mortgage/utility due.
    • demonstrate that the assistance will clear their current balance due.
  • Applicants may be granted a maximum of $500 once in a 12 month period, though this is not a guaranteed amount in any case.
  • The landlord, rental or mortgage company will be contacted to verify that this is not an ongoing, continuous problem.
  • Applicants are asked to provide information on assistance received from other faith-based organizations.
  • Individuals and families must provide proof of income for anyone who is working in the household. That includes any type of governmental assistance and cash payments for services provided. If not working, the applicant must demonstrate ability to sustain himself or herself or his or her family the following month.
  • Assistance for utility payments can be provided if the applicant lives in SECTION 8 or INCOME-BASED HOUSING ONLY. Rooftop’s goal is to prevent loss of housing. Utility service interruption for those individuals and families living in Section 8 or income-based housing can lead to eviction and loss of Section 8 voucher.

Disqualifiers For Service

  • Rooftop provides assistance for permanent housing. Grants are not provided for motels/hotels.
  • Rooftop does not provide assistance for any costs related to obtaining housing, such as deposits.
  • Assistance is not granted for rental payments for halfway houses and/or A and D treatment programs.


Address: 108 7th Avenue South, Nashville TN, 37203

Phone: 615-815-9012


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