Love INC. of Lafayette

 In Lafayette - Counseling, Lafayette - Food and Shelter

Love INC of Lafayette operates a local clearinghouse which maintains information on resources available to people in need through the talents of individual people, church outreach ministries, and community agencies.

  1. Receives requests for help.  A person in need calls the Love INC Clearinghouse with a request(s) for help.
  2. Assesses the need.  Volunteers or staff conduct an intake to examine the nature, extent, and legitimacy of the client’s need.
  3. Provides help.  After the client’s need is analyzed and verified, the need is referred to the most appropriate Love INC partner church, church volunteer, agency, and/or faith-based organization to provide resources, programs, or services that address the need.
  4. Follows up. Clearinghouse volunteers follow up with the client and volunteer or ministry that provided the assistance. A visit from a pastor or church volunteer is also offered.

Love INC offers assistance to anyone in the Lafayette Parish community who is in need.

walk-ins are not accepting – please contact Love INC. or visit the site and submit an online form

Address: 860 D Ridge Rd, Duson, LA 75029

Phone: 337-981-6775

Hours: Tuesday through Thursday 9:00AM- 1:00PM



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