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The Hub: Urban Ministries

T.H.U.M. exists to walk those in poverty through a process that gives them hope, friendship, community, a place they belong and the skills needed to become self-sufficient by giving them access to rescue, relationships, resources and recovery.

The Hub does this through two primary ministries: The Lovewell Center and Purchased: Not for Sale.

Through these ministries we serve those in poverty and homelessness,  women and children trapped in the sex industry and victims of human trafficking.

  • The Lovewell Center
    • Through the Lovewell Center, individuals are given a place they belong, rescue from the heat and cold, rescue from the chaos of life on the street, even if for an afternoon.  Newly homeless individuals are also connected to local shelters, safe houses or housed through The Lovewell’s housing program.
    • Through our classes, Lovewell members receive the tools necessary to change their lives, which translates to rescue on many levels: from life on the street, from addiction, from abuse and from the crippling cycle of poverty.
    • As a member of The Lovewell program, the people we serve also have access to housing, a literal rescue from homelessness, through our housing programs.
  • Purchased: Not For Sale
    • Rescue is the first step to freedom for women in the sex industry and victims of sex trafficking.  An exit from the people, places and things that hold them captive is essential if a woman or child is going to recover and become whole and self-sufficient.
    • Outreaches Purchased: Not for Sale hosts weekly outreaches that are designed to intersect the lives of women and children in our city who are actively involved in the sex industry and victims of sex trafficking.  These outreaches provide women and children with the knowledge that there is a way out and that when they are ready they can find rescue.
    • Housing Purchased: Not for Sale provides immediate housing for women in the sex industry and for victims of sex-trafficking through a number of programs.  Our adult program has 4 safe homes designed to give women a safe and loving environment to live in.  Reclaimed, our housing program for juvenile victims of trafficking, is a partnership with DCFS to provide dual-trained foster homes ready and willing to house victims when they are identified.
    • Diversion Many women face incarceration countless times for prostitution.  Through a partnership with the Caddo DA’s office, Purchased: Not for Sale offers a diversion program for women facing a prostitution charge.  This diversion, called Exit Strategy, places them in our program instead of time in jail.


Address: 605 Cotton Street, Shreveport, LA

Phone: 318.606.2518


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